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No time to visit one of our stores in the Netherlands?

Just have a peek in our webshop and order from your lazy chair...

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Reduction of Webshop Items

Because our stores are up and running again since the corona crisis has taken a turn for the better, we have decided to stop publishing widely sold items that carry a risk of being sold in the shop just before you ordered it online.

These items, for example crazy shirts, blouses and dresses, are only available in our stores at the moment.

Not sure if it fits?

If you are not sure if an item fits you and you would like to try it in one of our stores first, you can see which items are in which store by filtering the products by Shop name: Den Haag, Groningen, Haarlem Anegang, Haarlem Gierstraat, Leiden, Maastricht or Utrecht.

Our Stores

Our Stores

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